Top 3 Best C/C++ IDE/Compilers For Various Platforms


C programming is the core of the programming knowledge. If you want to become a programmer than learning c is a must because it can clear out all yours basics & give you knowledge about programming. In order to program in any language, a good program is also a must. In this article i have enlisted some good c/c++ compilers. All the enlisted compilers are easy to use with great features & keeping in mind that not everyone is professional in programming, these compilers can be used by even those users who are new to computer programming. As a programmer, me & my friends had trouble finding a good compiler & since the old Turbo C++ 16bit compiler isn’t supported by latest microsoft operating systems, its better to look for an alternative c compiler. So, follow up the article to find the best compiler that suits your needs.

1. Code::Blocks

Code::Blocks is one of the best C/C++ IDE’s among the current available IDE’s. It is a Open source & free to use IDE, meaning that you can use it without any restrictions & you won’t have to pay anything for it. The best thing about Code Blocks is that you can add more plugins to make it more efficient.

Download Code::Blocks


  • Make sure to download the installer package which have inbuilt MinGW or you will have to install & configure those binaries manually.
  • Make sure to change path of compiler from “Settings –> Compilers –> Toolchain Executables” [See Image]

2. Dev C++

Dev C++ is an improved version Bloodshed Dev C++. It’s a new and advanced fork Bloodshed Dev C++ IDE. Dev C++ is my personal favourite IDE. Best thing about this compiler is that its simple & so easy to use IDE, that even a new computer user can operate it without any problems. This IDE is the best one available after Code blocks & its also free to use.

Download Dev C++

3. Eclipse IDE

Eclipse IDE is one of the major used IDE in the world. Although its mostly used for java & android programming, but it can often be used to program in C/C++. It can help you produce big application is less time with great speeds, due to built in help programs. No doubt that its the best java IDE in the world, you can give it a try for C/C++ programming as well.

Download Eclipse IDE


  • Make sure to install MinGW or other compiler & set its path within Eclipse, or your program won’t compile.

Final Notes

Its recommended to use Code::Blocks IDE if you’re trying to find out best c compiler out there as its the most used C/C++ IDE in the world & trusted by thousands of computer programmers. You can also find tutorials to learn computer programming online on websites like YouTube, where they teach how to program with any language.

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