How To Use Whatsapp Without Using Your Own Number ! [Guide]


Whatsapp is one of the most used messaging applications nowadays & its a important part of lives of many individuals. Along with personal use, some individuals are using it to connect to their colleagues, partners & clients, It can increase the risk of spam calls & messages. Today in this post i will show you how you can use Whatsapp without using your own number & by using a virtual number, you can use this for business because it will not reveal your personal number & this way you will be all safe from those spam calls & messages. Alongside this virtual Whatsapp number you will be able to use your personal number too. So just follow this guide to get a virtual number for yourself.


  • A mobile phone
  • An active internet connection
  • Email address & a number (for verification purposes)


  • First of all, Download & Install “Primo” App from Google play store. (This will be used to get a virtual USA Mobile number) [See Image]
  • Open Primo & Tap on signup, Enter your number & press “Send Confirmation code”. Now verify it using code sent to you. [See Image]
  • Now, Enter your details & finish signup process,  by confirming email.
  • After confirming email, open up primo & Tap On “Activate Number” button. Click “Buy” button on “Free Trial” & a number will be assigned to you. [See Image]
  • Now, Download & Install “Parallel Space” from Google Play Store. (This application can be used to run two accounts on same device) [See Image]
  • Open Parallel space app & skip slides, Then click “Start” button to check & add apps to parallel space. [See Image]
  • It will show all your applications that can be added, Tap on whatsapp icon & click “Add to Parallel”.
  • Now open whatsapp from parallel & Click “Agree & Continue“, In country code select “United States (+1)” & enter number you got from primo
  • Verify number & complete registration (For verification code, you will receive a sms in Primo app)

Final Notes

This application (Primo) provides you an authentic US based virtual number & it is completely legal, So you don’t have to worry about everything. For continued use of a number you can buy a subscription from Primo too, by doing this you won’t loose your number ever. Since we’re using parallel space with whatsapp, it won’t concide with your original whatsapp account & you can use that account as it is. That’s all, Enjoy your virtual whatsapp & don’t forget to leave a comment below if it worked for you

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