Top 4 Best Torrent Clients Of 2017

Torrents are a brilliant way to download & share large files without any problems because when uploading something with torrents, you’re actually sending parts of the file in real time whereas in uploading files to a third party service they store it on their servers which anyone can download unless saved privately. Although torrents have a bad reputation due to piracy, but they’re not illegal, it all depends on the file you’re downloading. In this article, i will be showing you 5 Best Torrent Clients of 2017 which you can use to downloading torrents.

#1 – qBittorrent

Top 4 Best Torrent Clients Of 2017

One of the best torrent clients of torrent users choice. This is (so far) the best torrent clients out there & is first choice of the users who’re downloading torrents. Uses minimal resources & consumes less cpu & ram, makes it even more better for even slower or old systems. Another plus on its side is its simple ui, even a new user can operate it without any problems & millions of users are loving it.

Download qBittorrent

#2 – Deluge

Top 4 Best Torrent Clients Of 2017

Deluge has been around for years now & it is the second choice of the torrents downloaders after qBittorrent. Deluge is a torrent clients packed with tons of feature in it which are even expandable using extensions/plugins. This torrent client have no ads & i have no paid version available meaning that everything will stay free forever & unlike uTorrent or BitTorrent, this torrent client have no ads in it, which saves space & makes it even more flexible for slower connections.

Download Deluge

#3 – uTorrent

Top 4 Best Torrent Clients Of 2017

uTorrent is also one of the best torrent clients which were ever been made & it has been around for about 12 years now. Its one of the widely used torrent client, but after they’ve started including ads onto the installer, many users have argued & started moving to other clients that are out there. Users were even reporting that due to these bundled softwares included, it uses more system resources & this torrent client is ad supported (although they can removed following a simple guide, you can find a link here). It have a pro version which lets you stream your files & you can scan your files after downloading them, whereas users have started moving to other clients rather than paying for the pro subscription.

Download uTorrent

#4 – BitTorrent

Top 4 Best Torrent Clients Of 2017

BitTorrent have been around for about 12 years too & it belongs to the same company which uTorrent belongs to, i:e BitTorrent INC. Although this torrent client have similar feature as uTorrent but a very few key differences between two are that BitTorrent offers web based seeding, revewing, commenting etc & this torrent is mostly used for creating & sharing files over private trackers. Same as uTorrent, it contains ads too which can removed by following same procedure given in THIS GUIDE.

Download BitTorrent

Final Notes

If you’re looking for a best torrent out there, then nothing’s more better than the qBittorrent. But if you’re a lover of uTorrent (just like me) you can always use THIS GUIDE to remove ads from the client & make it even more better, as this will stabalize the ui & it will not be frozen when fetching ads. Make sure to watch out for any ads in the uTorrent installer if you’re installing it for the first time or you may run into installing crapware on your system. Let me know about your favourite torrent client in the comments down below.

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3 Responses

  1. Ishq says:

    To me FDM from is the best… its a download accelerator and torrent client as well… and no ads -> thats what I call AWESOME!!!

  2. Ankit Bhardwaj says:

    Now I have alternatives to bit-torrent and utorrent. Thanks for sharing.

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