How To Remove Ads From uTorrent & BitTorrent

uTorrent & BitTorrent are popular torrent client apps, used & loved by millions of peoples. This is one of the best apps developed by Bittorrent Inc. They were totally free apps before Bittorrent inc. decided to put in ads to have some extra revenue for future projects development. After they’ve enabled ads in uTorrent & Bittorrent (from version 3.2.2), they had to enable a advanced feature too, thanks to users feedback. They’ve enabled a advanced feature by which you can remove ads from uTorrent/BitTorrent & you will see how to remove ads from it in this post.


  • First of all, Open up your uTorrent/BitTorrent & wait for main window to load.
  • After you’re in main screen, click on “Options” then click on “Preferences”

How To Remove Ads From uTorrent

  • Now, Once you’re in Preferences window, click on “Advanced” tab

How To Remove Ads From uTorrent

  • In Filter form (upper right), write “left_rail_offer” & once located, double click on it to set it to false. (or you can manually do it at bottom)

  • Now After setting above one to false, search for phrases given below & set them to false too.
  • After you’re done with everything, click on “OK” button & exit from uTorrent (even from system tray)
  • Now, double click on uTorrent/BitTorrent’s desktop shortcut & wait for its main window.
  • That’s all, Ads are gone & you can now experience ad-free experience.

Final Notes

Since, fetching ads sometimes freezes uTorrent, above solution will solve that problem too, because it will not fetch ads anymore, means it will not freeze anymore. You can follow same procedure for Bittorrent too, because these two apps are developed by same company, you can follow up same procedure. If you don’t want to follow this procedure, you can always take a look at other alternatives like qBittorrent

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  1. Alex says:

    this is awesome man, thanks!

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    Damn, this is so cool! Keep it up man! πŸ˜€
    I’ll be rooting for this site! πŸ˜€

  3. Eric Bussman says:

    Wow I was surprised how well this worked! Perfect! Saves a lot of space in the torrent box so just my torrents are visible now. Thanks SimplyGeek!! Great work..

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