How To Disable Automatic Updates In Windows 10


There is no option available in windows 10 to turn off automatic windows updates like other windows had & this is a headache for people with slow connections or people who don’t have a high end PC. This feature have been a headache for me too, as it installed all updates in the background & i wasn’t even aware. Because it installs them in background without even asking for permissions, it slows down the system speed as well as the internet connection. Today i came up with a way for you guys to get the rid of the automatic update process & help you disable it. Just follow the guide given below to disable the windows updates.


Method #1 (Only if you’re connected to a wireless connection)

  • First of all, click on the network icon from Taskbar & then click on “Network settings” [See Image]
  • After you’re in settings app, click on your network connection [See Image]
  • Now in this window, Set your connection to “Metered” under Metered connection [See image]

That should disable your automatic windows updates, if this option isn’t appearing or working then you may try the next method to disable automatic updates 🙂

Method #2

  • Open the Run dialogue box by pressing “WIN+R” keys. Enter in “control” & hit the enter button.
  • Now in control panel, change sorting from “Category” to “Large icons” [See Image]
  • Afterwards, click on “Administrative tools” & wait for the explorer window, then double click on “Component Services” Shortcut. [See Image]
  • Now click on “Services” from left panel & Search for “Windows updates” [See Image]
  • Right click on “Windows updates” & click properties, then change the “Startup type” from Automatic to “Disabled” & hit the OK button. [See Image]
  • That’s all, Automatic windows updates should be gone now & your PC won’t slow down anymore 🙂

Video Instructions

Final Notes

The above two methods works on most computers running windows 10 & you can prevent it from installing updates automatically, so you won’t have your system speed or internet connection slowed down by the download & installation of the updates. Please do let me know in comments below if you have any issues or queries regarding updates 🙂

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